About Us

Wafting Freshness all along

As Qatar is gearing toward a dream vision for its iconic existence among all nations in the world, not merely  in the gulf region, the peninsular nation is proud of its potential to welcome and satisfy people all over the world. Active Trading would provide a strong foundation to that national dream. We believe that fresh, nutritious food is the very foundation of a civilized nation.  
Established in the year 2019 and located in Umm Salal central market, and Sannaya, Active trading preserves and delivers  fresh food for all, including fruits, vegetables, poultry, sea food and meat products….The fresh picks and catch in a wide variety of products reach our warehouses from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, and India. We also reach out to farmers in Iran, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, China, Uganda. We serve retailers, Horeca, caterers and wholesalers, by adding quality, variety and freshness to what they already offer.  

Uncompromising standards in storing and serving fresh food products define us. We have state-of-the-art technology and warehouses to keep poultry, sea foods, meat, vegetables and fruits always fresh for different segments of our customers. The ever-growing need for garden-fresh, newly harvested, unprocessed food sources is what makes our presence significant in the lore of this nation. Not only are we uncompromising in the delivery of food items that we serve, but we are committed to R&D in making the process always high in quality.

Our Vision

“To become one of the top distributions company in qatar with wide range of supply of fresh, frozen and chilled products from fruits, vegetables, sea food and meat products with best price and quality services”

Our Mission

Always meets customers demand with wide range of products and prompts delivery schedules and order management.